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Stage One: Writing a Check

Checks usually come in a book, and you can tear off one check at a time. Remember: just because you have several checks doesn’t mean you have a lot of money. You can only write a check equal to or less than your account balance. That means that if you have a balance of $250 in your checking account, you shouldn’t write a check for something that costs $315. For more check-writing tips click here.

To write a check, simply fill in the blanks with this information: 
  • Date – Write in the date that you write the check.
  • Pay to the Order Of – Who is the check for? Write the person’s name or the company’s name.
  • Amount – Write the amount numerically in the amount box and as words on the amount line.
  • Memo or For  – This is a note for what the check is for (for example, “gas bill”).
  • From – You sign the check here. A check should not be cashed without the signature of the person who wrote the check.

Roll over the numbered circles below to see what goes on each line:



Now, on to stage 2!

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