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Planning for after High School

You earned your diploma. Now what?

You have several choices, so give it some thought. To reach your goals, do you need more education? If so, do you need a four-year degree? Will life experience count towards your goal?

Consider these choices:

Get a job
Not everyone attends college. Maybe you’re ready to enter the workforce full time. Are you really ready? Check out Working for a Living for more information.

Join the armed forces
Is it for you? For more information, start by visiting, a site that gives information about many of the decisions you’ll have to make. You’ll find information on this site that explains the opportunities that the military can offer you, along with information about getting a job and life after high school.

Attend college
There are many schools from which to choose, so choose the one that offers classes and programs that can help you achieve your goals. There are some other considerations as well.

Where? Will you commute and live at home with your parents? If not, will you live on campus in a dormitory or near campus in an apartment? Each decision bring its own financial considerations.

How long? You can choose to attend for either two or four years. Some professions require additional schooling after you earn a 4-year degree. Research the careers that you’re considering so you’ll know how much schooling you’ll need.

How much will it cost? A higher education is a great idea, but who’s paying? The cost of a higher education is going up. If you’re keeping your grades up throughout high school, that might help you. Usually, your high school grades are taken into consideration when it comes to granting scholarships.

Check out these helpful resources if you’re planning to go to college:


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