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ATM Safety Tips

You should take certain precautions when using an ATM.
  • Try to avoid using an ATM by yourself. Either take someone with you or only use an ATM when others are around.
  • If possible, avoid using an ATM after dark. If you must, choose one that is well lit and does not have tall bushes or other potential hiding places nearby.
  • When you arrive at an ATM, look around. If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable or anyone who looks suspicious, do not stop. Either use an ATM at a different location or come back later.
  • Have your card ready when you approach an ATM. You are easy prey for a thief if you are fumbling with a wallet or purse.
  • If someone else is using the ATM when you arrive, avoid standing right behind them. Give them enough space to conduct their transaction in privacy.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings while using the ATM. Look around every few seconds while making your transaction.
  • Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Shield your PIN from onlookers by using your body.
  • When your transaction is finished, be sure you have your card and your receipt, then leave immediately.
  • Avoid counting or otherwise displaying large amounts of cash.
  • As you leave, be alert for anyone who appears suspicious. If you think you are being followed, go to an area with a lot of people and call the police.
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